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Breast Cancer stage IIIB - info update November 2009
Mdm. Susanti - 40 years - Padang (Indonesia)

Mid 2009, Mdm. Susanti was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer. She had a 50mm open wound with heavy bleeding & foul smell in both of her breasts. She then decided to combine chemo treatment with Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily.  TP help to reduce the negative effect of chemo. She still voamited, but only for short time. She still lost her hair, but they grew very fast. She also didn't feel fatigue and her appetite was very good.  She completed 3 chemo sessions successfully, her CEA test showed normal result: 1.24 ng/ml. Doctor then recommended a radical mastectomy. Amazingly, it's only one week after surgery that she can do her normal activity. TP helps her to recover very fast. Up till now she still consumes TP and keeps thanking ALLAH for this healing.

Breast Cancer Advance stage  - info update March 2009
Mdm. Yulita Palembang (Indonesia)

Ms. Yulita experienced open wound. The cancer has spread to her eyes (blurring her vision) and her bones (she couldn't move her legs). She started to consume Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily during her chemo & radiotherapy sessions. The progress was amazing. After several months consuming TP, she started to gain her vision. Her physical condition get much better, only she need some more time to pull her legs.

Breast Cancer Terminal Stageinfo update December 2008
Mr Yanto (not real name) - Balikpapan, Borneo Island

Mr. Yanto's mother was in a critical condition caused by breast cancer - stage IV. During that time, she was in ICU and no more treatment for her. As last effort, he took chance by giving her Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily After taking TP, his mother could endure two more months before finally died.

Breast Tumor - email received at July 17th, 09
Ms. HC (Initial) - Australia ( original email writing below)

Hi, I am HC from Australia. I have already ordered again Typhonium Plus® (TP). According to my friend SH (Initial) after consuming TP for nearly 3 months, her tumor starting to get softer and a little bit smaller. She is happy now. She wants to keep using TP until her tumor really small and cured.


Cervical Cancer Early Stages  - info update April 2010
Ibu Cheri- 65 Years - South Sumatera

In March 2009, Ms Cheri was diagnosed with a malignant cervical cancer. Underwent a total hysterectomy in Malaysia, but didn't go for adjuvant chemotherapy (she has asthma). In July 2009, she started taking Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily plus a healthy diet. Until April 2010, her cancer has been under control. She enjoys gaining weight (from 39 kgs to 45 kgs) and having good physical health.

Cervical Cancer Stage II - info update November 2009
Mdm. Maryati - 50 years - East Java (Indonesia)

Late 2008. Ms. Maryati was diagnosed with cervical cancer - stage II. Instead of going for radiotherapy, she turned to alternative cures. In August 2009, she started taking Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily plus a healthy diet.. After consuming 7 boxes, there was a heavy bleeding occurred for 4 concurrent days and then gradually stopped. Now, no more abnormal vaginal bleeding has ever incurred (only slight discharges). Body weight increases (from 55 kgs to 58 kgs), better appetite & good stamina.

Cervical Cyst - info update August 2009
Madam. TR- 28 years - Palembang (Indonesia)

Ms. Tr had cervical cysts & underwent surgery. To her surprise, just 1 week after surgery, doctor found a 60mm cyst again in her cervical wall. She didn't want to undergo surgery anymore, so she started consuming Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 1 capsule daily. After taking 1 box of TP, she went for control. She was happy to know that her cyst was reduced to a 30 mm size.


Ovarian Cancer Stage IIIB - info update May 2009
Mdm Ong Mary - 52 years - East Java, Indonesia

Dec 2008, doctor found a 8-9 cm tumor inside Ms. Mary's womb. After a surgery followed by a biopsy, the tumor was found malignant: Ovarian Cancer - stage III. (Dec 2008). She started taking Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily as complementary treatment for her chemo sessions. TP helps her to overcome chemo side effects, such as fatigue, nausea and vomiting. In contrary, she felt very fit and increased appetite. Her tumor marker (CA-125) test later shown an impressive result from 436 down to 10. At 3rd chemo session (supposed to be 6 cycles), doctor brought a good that she's already free from cancer. She really thanks God for this healing.


Brain Cancer early stage - info update January 2010
Ms Meri – 40 years – Manado (Indonesia)

Since 2007, Ms. Meri has experienced frequent seizures. In Sept 2009, a 50 mm tumor was found in her brain. Instead of doing brain surgery, she started taking Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily from July 2009.  She also took  fresh herbs. Thank God she never experience seizures anymore and feels better.


Lung Cancer advance stage (IV)info update January 2010
Mr. Rudi – 43 years - Jakarta (Indonesia)

Sept 2009, Mr. Rudi was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma stage 4. He need to stay in hospital for 1.5 month to drain the fluid off his lung (total about 20 litres). He then started taking Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily from Oct 2009 as complementary therapy to his chemo.  TP helps a lot in reducing the side effects of chemo: he still vomiting but only for a short time (1 day), his hair was lost but indeed he is far from bold, his face is not pale & skin complexion is good (not darkening). In Jan 2010, he completed his chemo session with impressive result. Now, he only needs to drain off 3 ml fluid weekly. He can even drive his own car.  He still consumes TP up till now.


Acute Leukemia info update December 2008
Mrs. Ngatminah – 43 years - East Java (Indonesia)

Mrs. Ngatminah, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) - stage 2A. She couldn't walk and need to do blood transfusion (8 units every week). After taking Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily for 2 months, she noticed remarkable result: she can walk (felt less pain when she move her body). Her blood transfusion reduced to 4 units/week then 2 units/week, and later no more blood transfusion. She still takes TP up till now.

Chronic Leukemia (CML) early stage - info update January 2010
Ms NM – 35 years – Makassar (Indonesia)

In July 2009, Ms. NM was diagnosed with CML - early stage with painful & enlarged spleen & a massive increase in numbers of leucosit. She then start taking Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 1 capsule daily from Oct 2009. After taking TP, she gradually felt better. The pain & bloatedness in her abdomen slowly disappear, her urine is clear (before cloudy & smelly), her appetite improve and she can sleep well now.

Leukemia- info update February 2009
Alexander Oei - Netherland

Patient hospitalized in Germany and suffered from leukemia. He took Typhonium Plus® (TP)  in early Sept 2008; and after a few months, the patient did medical check up. Doctor in Germany was surprise that his leukocyte level drops drastically.
(Note: testimony over telp call from Netherland - recorded on Feb 09, 20th 3:25pm. )

Leukemiainfo update December 2008
Ms. Hayati - 27 yrs old, Bogor - Indonesia

She was diagnosed with leukemia symptoms such as fatigue and nose bleed. She took Typhonium Plus® (TP)  and combined with other alternative treatment. Now, there has been no more nose bleed and she felt improved health.


Lymphoma - Relapse
Ms. Umi, 45 years old - Jakarta (April 2010) 45 tahun - Jakarta (April 2010)

In April 2008, Ms Umi was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent 6 chemo cycles. Early 2010, the cancer relapse. She didn't want to go through chemo this time. She decided to take Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 1 capsule daily.  After 3 months, her stamina and energy level increased. Later examinations (April 2010) showed improved result (disease in control).

Lymphoma - Relapse
Ms. R, 47 years - Semarang (April 2010) 45 tahun - Jakarta (April 2010)

In mid 2008 Ms. R found a small boil right at the center of her neck. Slowly the lump grew (protruding inside). In early 2009 she felt  a massive stabbing pain from her neck down to her chest and back especially if she were in an air cond room. She couldn't bend her right hand. She also sweat heavily every morning. She then took Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 1 capsule daily from July 2009. Now (April 2010), all pain already gone. She can sleep in an air conditioned room, no more morning sweat.


Prostate Cancer Stage IV - info update May 2009 & December 2008
Bp. Lim Sien Ling - 75 years - East Java, Indonesia

Mr Liem was diagnosed with an invasive prosthetic carcinoma - stage IV (PSA test result of 2000 ng/ml). He had undergone various treatments. Later he took Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily.  After 3 months, he was surprised. During urination, he saw few fleshy tissue (tumor) coming out. In May 2009, his PSA test result is 0 ng/ml. Mr. Liem is free from prostate cancer.

Kanker Prostat Stadium IV - info update July 2009
Bp. P (Initial) - 68 tahun - Palembang

Mr. Pandu's father was diagnosed with invasive prosthetic carcinoma - advance stage (PSA result: 90-100 ng/ml) and had to undergo a surgery. . Later he took Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily. In March 2009, he informed us that his father's PSA test has going down to 33 ng/ml. His father also experienced weight gain due to improve appetite.

Prostate Cancer early stage - info update August 2009
Win - Solo (Indonesia)

In Jan 2009, Ms Win's father was diagnosed with prostate cancer (PSA result: 12 ng/ml). After 3 months consumption, she informed us that her dad condition was improved. In Agt 2009, her dad's PSA test is NORMAL(0.9 ng/ml); before, her dad has tried various herbs/medicine with little impact. After decide ONLY to consume Typhonium Plus®, within 8 months he has a good result. She thanks God for this healing.


Colon Cancer stage III - email received June 3rd, 2010
Mr. Nanta Wijaya, 24 tahun- Jakarta (Indonesia)

In Feb 2010, doctor found a tumor mass (4 x 3.5 cm) in Mr. Nanta's colon which already invaded his lymph nodes. After a colon surgery to remove the tumor (13 cm length), it was found to be malignant. He needs to undergo chemotherapy every month (3 cycles per month). Since chemo is very costly, they decide to take Typhonium Plus® instead - 2 x 2 capsules daily and follow a healthy diet. After total 5 boxes, he found out his  tumor marker (CEA) showed NORMAL result (0.85 ng/mL), he was stated FREE from cancer and no need to do chemotherapy. He kept thanking ALLAH SWT for this miraculous healing.

Colon Cancer  stage 2B  - info update April 2010
Mdm. Elly S- Palembang (South Sumatera)

Mdm. Elly was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 2B and had to undergo a colon surgery to remove the tumor in mid-2009. After surgery, she then start taking Typhonium Plus® 2 x 1 capsule daily from Oct 2009 and combined with chemotherapy. After one month, her CEA result was decreased from 1.87 ng/ml to 1.34 ng/ml. The progress was outstanding that doctor decide to STOP her chemo sessions EARLIER in 8 rounds (supposed to be 12 rounds). By  April 2010, her CEA result was down to NORMAL. She still consumes TP up till now and always thank God for this healing.

Colon Cancer advance stage - email received by September 30th,09 & June 11th, 09
Bp. CA (Initial)- Bali (Indonesia)

Mr. CA was diagnosed with colon cancer - stage IV which had spread to his liver; had a colon surgery (12cm) plus chemo session for his liver and possibly surgery. He started taking take Typhonium Plus®  2 x 2 capsules daily from February 2009 as a complementary chemo treatment. The result was impressive. Result: no need to do liver section, only chemo since the tumor in liver was shrinking from 4.75 cm to 2.35 cm. By mid Agt 2009, he was stated FREE from CANCER. Gain his normal weight, able to do his daily daily activities & back to work as normal. He still consumes TP and enjoy a good stamina. Thanks to Lord Jesus for this healing.


Tongue Cancer early stage - info update November 2009
Mr. RK - 33 years - Japan

Mr Rk was diagnosed with cancer under his tongue (affected 50% of his tongue). The doctor suggested an operation plus chemotherapy. He then decided to consume Typhonium Plus® (TP) 2 x 2 capsules daily from Dec 2008. After several months, he felt better; his tumor was shrinking so that it is operable. TP also help him to recover soon. Within weeks, he was able to speak again (it took a year for a friend of his sister - having the same illness, to speak again).


Thyroid Tumorinfo update December 2008
Mrs Indah - Cirebon

She suffers from thyroid tumor for years. After consuming Typhonium Plus® for 3 months, she experiences better stamina.

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