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Vitamin C healing testimony
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When my teenage daughter Helen was hospitalized with "terminal" (stage 4B) Hodgkin's disease in 1974, I put her on 40 grains of vitamin C per day (526 mg/lb.). Her doctors were aghast: "You'll kill her!" "Nonsense!" I replied. She recovered quickly, and 24 years later is in vibrant good health. (For more about Helen, see page 7.)...If vitamin C is used in large amounts, most experts suggest that buffered vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) should be used rather than ascorbic acid, since the acid form may be too acidic in multi-gram doses. Sodium ascorbate powder (1 level tsp. equals 4 grams) may be purchased inexpensively by the pound or the kilogram from the Wholesale Nutrition Company (1-800-325-2664) or from Bronson (1-800-610-4848).

Compare Oral megadoses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and cancer and Intravenous High-Dose Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Infusion in Cancer/Tumor Treatment.

Additional tips on using Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
by Leonard (leonardleonard1 at earthlink.net)

I think the benefits (for people with cancer) of taking large amounts of vit. C far outweigh any harmful effects (such as the alleged acidification of the blood when taking more than a few grams per day). [Also], acidifying is NOT NECESSARILY harmful for cancer patients (Boik). According to Gonzalez, the ascorbic acid form of vit. C tends NOT to acidify sympathetic-dominant persons, which most cancer patients are. ... if you're not on a low-sodium diet, you can use sodium ascorbate (or perhaps mixed ascorbates in moderate amounts).

Buffered formulas sometimes contain way too much calcium if one wishes to take large doses of C. I would avoid calcium ascorbates, including Ester C. If using small amounts, I would get food-based vit. C (Megafood or New Chapter). If using large amounts AND money is not an issue, I would use beet-derived (ideally BioImmune.com) vit. C; cancer cells reportedly don't develop a resistance to it (like they do to corn-derived vit. C). If money is an issue, I would take sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid. If using HUGE amounts, I would use sodium ascorbate. Many practitioners recommend taking vit. C to bowel tolerance. Vit. C is synergistic w/beta-glucan.

Receiving IV drips of several dozen grams of vit. C can be powerfully cancer-healing. Compare Intravenous High-Dose Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Infusion in Cancer/Tumor Treatment.

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